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About Swiss Tools

Tecnicrafts provides Swiss Collets and Guide Bushings in Standard and Ultra-Precision grades. Our collets offer various bore profiles such as Round, Square, Hexagon, Rectangle, and Custom to meet specific customer requirements. They are available in steel and carbide-lined versions with Grooved, Smooth, or Serrated bores in both Standard and Long Nose types. We also offer Special V-line and Over-Grip collets. Our Guide Bushings typically feature carbide lining and come in U-line, Over-Grip, and Extended Nose & Long Bores variants.

Heimatec, renowned worldwide for its expertise in live tools and angle heads, is delighted to announce the launch of the Citizen tool program. This extensive line includes both live and static tools specifically tailored for compatibility with most Citizen lathes. Engineered to maximize machine capabilities, these precision tools are not only efficient but also cost-effective. Heimatec prides itself on incorporating top-quality bearings, precision-ground gear components, spindles, and housings into the manufacturing process, ensuring the production of tools that offer unparalleled rigidity and performance.

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